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Stock Market Basic Course

About this Course :
This course is ideal for beginners who have no prior stock market and chart knowledge. You’ll learn more about the basic rules and terminology of stock market and technical analysis through this course. You will learn how does stock market works. It will give solid foundation of investing knowledge. This course teaches you how to make better trading and investment decisions through technical analysis. You'll learn about charting patterns, indicators and risk management techniques and undergo trading or simulation exercises that use real-life examples. You'll apply the techniques you learn using charting tools available on the Internet.

Introduction to Technical Analysis

About this Course :
This course is designed for traders, investors across all asset classes, with a focus on trading and investment strategies. Our trainers are recognized experts in their fields as well as being highly experienced in teaching. It covers the essentials of technical analysis, whether from a purely short-term timing perspective or for longer-term analysis. This course provides the knowledge you need to gain a better understanding of investment trends, timing and forecasting. In this you will learn how to project targets or when to book the winning trades. This course is ideal if you want to fast track your success and start getting the results you want.

Who is this course for ?
We design our trading courses to benefit both experienced traders and the beginners who are serious about becoming competent traders. People want to be traders for many reasons. For some, it’s more time spent with family, or the goal to generate an alternate income source or build a retirement investment portfolio. We recognize that many of our students have full time jobs and are busy people. As a result, our share trading courses fit well into a busy lifestyle

Intraday Trading Course

1. For Those Who are Traders and Not Making a Good Profit
2. For IntraDay Trades To Put up Them Profitable Situation
1. Basic Buy & Sell System.
2. How To Buy Or Sell Near Stop-Loss.
3. Trend Analysis.
4. Trading Introduction.
5. Right Entry – Right SL- Right Exit.
6. Importance of Levels.
7. Break Outs.
8. Multi Top & Bottom Break Outs With Morning Strategy.
9. How to Buy at Bottom With Low Stop-Loss.
10.How to Sell at Top With Low Stop-Loss.
11.How to Trade With Gap Up or Gap Down.
12.How to Select a Winning Stock in Intraday Trading.
13.Smart Entry as per Our System. (Normal Smart E + Morning Strategy + BnK Strategy)
14.Risk Management.

Swing Trading Techniques

About the course :
Swing trading is generally defined as a short-term trade lasting longer than one day and less than a month. Swing traders can achieve reasonably similar returns to day traders in less time. In swing trading you are not required to sit in front of the screen whole day, as the trade takes days to unfold. Hence, there will be less mental stress. You can do EOD analysis and be ready for the Entry points before next sessions open. Similarly, based on the patterns identified, you can project the target levels. During the trending market, traders make reasonable good returns.

What you will learn ?
1. Buy dips in an established trend
2. Rule based trading


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